Bombay High Court took suo moto actions against black-marketing of Remdesivir

Bombay HC’s Nagpur Bench comprising of Justice ZA Haq and Justice Amit B Borkar observed that the second wave of Coronavirus has hit the country and the situation seems to be worst in Nagpur.

With the rising case, the demand for medicines like Remdesivir which is used to treat critically ill coronavirus patients has risen.

The court initiated this suo moto case based on the reports in the daily news about 32 persons including doctors indulge in the black marketing of Remdesivir injection.

The court appreciated the efforts of the Police in booking the offenders but they also highlight how people are willing to complain about these offenders as they want to save the lives of their loved ones even at the cost of paying astonishing high prices.

The lack of availability and rising demand for this injection has forced people to buy this even at high prices. The lower strata of people who are not capable financially, to buy this injection are suffering because of the prevalent black marketing of Remdesivir, they are not able to buy this at market price.

Thus, this unprecedented time of crisis demands unprecedented measures. Hence, the court took suo moto actions against black marketing of the life-saving drug.

By exercising its power provided under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the court has registered suo moto criminal application.

The court has also appointed Advocate SP Bhandarkar as the Amicus in this case.

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