Bring someone who is overcharging and selling Oxygen Cylinders to our attention; the Delhi government is facing a legal challenge: Delhi High Court

The Delhi government has been ordered by the Supreme Court to use its powers and put those who engage in black marketing before them so that they can be prosecuted.

On the issue of the oxygen tanker crisis in Delhi, Senior Advocate Mehra told the court that measures for tanker augmentation and a proposal for 18 tankers had been submitted, and the tankers would arrive in three batches if the Indian Air Force could facilitate the operation.

The Delhi High Court made the statement after Maharaja Agrasen’s lawyer, Advocate Alok Aggarwal, raised the question of cylinder distribution, and the court directed the Delhi government to make a decision.

On Monday, a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rakha Palli heard several petitions about the lack of oxygen in Delhi’s hospitals.

During the hearing, the HC proposed holding a meeting with oxygen suppliers and hospitals to learn about their issues. The court was told by Vijay Dev, Chief Secretary, GNCT of Delhi, that the government will meet with hospitals and suppliers.

The various counsels representing various hospitals also informed the court about the difficulties they faced due to a lack of oxygen and in interacting with the nodal officer and other relevant authorities.

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