Chief Justice of India Sharad Bobde on Wednesday said B. R. Ambedkar had proposed Sanskrit as the “official national language” of India as he understood the political and social issues well and knew what the people wanted.

CJI Bobde was speaking at the inauguration of the academic building of the Maharashtra National Law University Remembering B R Ambedkar on his 130th birth anniversary, CJI Bobde said, “Dr. Ambedkar had proposed for formulating ‘Sanskrit’ as the official national language. It had signatures of some mullahs, pandits, and priests and of Dr. Ambedkar himself. It was Ambedkar’s opinion that since Tamil is not acceptable in north India it might be opposed there and likewise, Hindi will be opposed in south India. But, there is less possibility of opposition to Sanskrit in north India or south India and hence he had mooted that proposal, but it did not succeed,” CJI Bobde said.

The Chief Justice of India said Ambedkar possessed knowledge of not only about the law but he also knew social and political issues very well.“He knew what the people, the poor of the country wanted. He had full knowledge about all these aspects and I feel that is why he thought of putting up this proposal,” the CJI said. He said the Supreme Court gets many representations on what should be the language of subordinate courts, but I feel this subject is not being looked into. But Dr. Ambedkar had anticipated this aspect and he had mooted a proposal saying that the official language of the Union of India should be Sanskrit,’ the CJI said.

The CJI also said the ancient Indian text “Nyayshastra” is “not a bit” inferior to Aristotle and the Persian system of logic, and “there is no reason why we should forsake, overlook, and not benefit from the geniuses of our ancestors”.

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