CJI N.V. Ramana: “Why are Medical Professionals at receiving end for someone else’s failure?”

On the occasion of the National Doctor’s Day, CJI N.V. Ramana articulated worry about the cruel attacks on doctors while on the task.

CJI stated that, “regrettably, our doctor on duty was cruelly attacked. Why are healthcare providers beaten by others?

CJI expressed concern about other issues related to doctors and medical infrastructure in country, saying that medical institutions and government agencies should work together to solve these problems.

Further, he said, only in this way can we sincerely greet doctors on July 1st every year, that issues such as health professionals, infrastructure, medicines, backward technology, and the government’s failure to prioritize the medical sector are all it an urgent question. Why do companies and investors accuse doctors of speculation?

Nothing that the tradition of family doctors is fading, he added that it is regrettable that a good qualified doctor cannot open a decent hospital and survive. CJI also stated that even after 8-9 years of rigorous training, it is still difficult for doctors to make a living. Therefore, government medical institutions need to work together to solve these problems.

In his speech, he also emphasized the unremitting efforts and dedication of doctors in fighting the deadly pandemic, mourning the death of the medical staff. CJI also said that, “My heart expresses prayer and condolences for the health workers and their families who died due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Hello everyone, heroes without cloaks”.

CJI signs and quoted the bitter thoughts written by Ms. Lizzie, a young American medical expert.


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