Justice Kausik Chanda of Calcutta HC: Refuses from hearing Mamata Banerjee’s election petition; but imposes Rs 5 lakh costs.

“Calcutta HC Justice Kausik Chanda did not listen to West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s protest against the Nandigram election results. She was defeated by BJP Suvendu Adhikary in the 2021 assembly election. However, this imposes a fine of Rs 5 lakh on Mamata Banerjee’s postponement of the disqualification request”.

In the verdict passed this morning, Judge Chandra said that everyone was politically inclined and that it was absurd to believe that a judge would not able to perform his duty without a sense of distance.

He said, “I cannot convince myself that there is a conflict of interest. The complainant is too pessimistic about the judge’s honesty. I have no personal preference to hear the complainant’s case. It is my constitutional obligation to hear the case, the CJI assigned to me”.

But, he added that he has chosen to refuse to participate in the case, he said.

Further he added that, “the person involved is at the highest level of national politics. Some speculators have already appeared. These rebels will try to maintain the controversy. If I do not refuse to withdraw, this court will not able to try it. The problem will not be solved by the program. Such attempts must be frustrated at the door. In this case, the hearing, like any other procedure, should proceed smoothly. This case was excluded from my list”.

Banerjee opposed judge Kausik’s hearing on his motion on the grounds that his relationship with BJP during his time as a lawyer was “possibly biased”.

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