Juvenile Crimes would be excluded from California Three Strikes Law

Assembly Bill 1127 unveiled by Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon and the California Assembly Member Miguel Santiago on Friday

The bill says that if a person reaches adulthood once, it would exclude juvenile crimes from applying under the California Three Strikes law.

California three strikes law mandates that a person who has been convicted for three heinous crimes will be sentenced to imprisonment of 25 years to life imprisonment. A juvenile strike is different from an adult strike, but when an individual has committed an adult strike also they have committed a juvenile strike when they were juvenile that juvenile strike will be counted as one of the three heinous crime which further results in harsher punishments and lengthier sentences.

The new bill will reduce mass incarceration in California. Also, these juveniles often end up doing crime because of peer pressure and impulsive nature and this bill will help them rehabilitating the society.

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