Karnataka High Court asked for a detailed response on prison conditions from state government.

The bench comprising of Chief justice Abhay Oka and Justice Suraj Govindaraj asked the state to respond by 29th May 2021 on the following issues

  1. Hygiene of prisoners

Records show that there is only one toilet for 9.4 prisoners in Central prison Bengaluru. However, According to the manual of model prisons, there should be a common toilet used by only 6 prisoners. The discrepancy present in the reality is a matter of concern. Not only sanitation the hygiene should be maintained in the premise as well said by the court.

  1. Overcrowding

The issue of overcrowding is present in the prison. The response should report whether any provisional to construct more premise for these prisoners have come up. Also how the department is dealing with the issue of overcrowding.

  1. Food provided to inmates of the prison.

What quality of food is provided to these prisoners, are they given quality food whether any experts opinion has been taken into consideration regarding this?

The state should also mention whether proper infrastructure and staff in the kitchens of jails is available.

Ongoing through the data court comes to know that so many important posts are vacant and these should be filled immediately. The suo-moto petition will be next heard on June 4.

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