Madras High Court lift worry: Several get false community certificates to take away opportunities of SC/ST Candidates.

A bench of Justice N Kirubakaran and TV Thamilselvi passed a temporary sort- that by acquiring such fake certificates; unworthy individuals unfairly enrich themselves by invalidating the constitutional rights of SC/ST people.

The court observed that: “by receiving false certificate like this, people who don’t deserve it unfairly augment themselves by destroying the rights of persons who belong to the SC/ST community”. Many ranges of instances are developing earlier than this court wherein humans belonging to different groups reap fake SC/ST network certificates from the system, who additionally for numerous reasons, merrily trouble such certificates, violating the constitutional rights of SC/ST humans. By acquiring such fake certificates, not worthy folks get unfairly enriched knocking left the rights of these belonging to the SC/ST network.

Nirguna v. The Chairman and ors. , on Friday, the High Court of Madras raised worries approximately people now no longer belonging to the SC/ST groups buying fake SC.ST network certificates, thereby removing possibilities earmarked for the SC/ST groups either in admissions or employment elections.

To reduce such abuse the court asked the State government to respond to a proposal by the court to appoint finance department officials in every district, who can be solely accredited to trouble network certificate in addition to earnings certificate and income statements due to investigation.

The order was issued in the case alleging that the president of a village in Krishnagrir district was not a member of ST, despite appealing from a constituency reserved exclusively for ST.

A similar question was also raised in the pending case of 2017; the bench held that both the cases will be resolved when the order will be passed by the Chief Justice.

The same case will be heard on July 9.

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