MHA to States, UTS: Immediately withdraw cases registered under repealed Sec 66 A of IT Act; don’t register any further cases.

Ministry of home affairs on Wednesday ordered all state governments and police chiefs to immediately withdraw all outstanding cases and no longer submit cases under sec 66A of the abolished information technology act (IT) of 2000.

The notice was issued a few days after the SC was shocked that sec 66 A was still used to harass people six years after it was found unconstitutional.

MHA ordered all states and UTS not to file a lawsuit under sec 66 A of the IT Act (which was repealed by SC Shreya Singhal in 2015), also instructed to immediately withdraw all cases filed under this section.

The bank’s Judge R.F. Nariman overheard the request made by the PUCL to establish various guidelines and rules for FIR registration in accordance with the abolished regulations.

On March 244, 2015, the SC’s decision in Shreya Singhal v. Union of India overturned sec 66 A of the IT Act. In this regard, the US Department of Electronics and Information Technology sent a letter in January 14, 2019, to inform the police of strict compliance with the above-mentioned SC ruling, target all states and territories of the union. In this regard, the Federal Ministry of the interior has also issued earlier orders dated January 14, 2019, and April 1, 2019.

“Therefore, it is recommended that all police forces not register cases under sec 66 A of the repealed Information Technology Act of 2000, and the law enforcement agencies abide by the SC order of March 24, 2015. If your state is based on the IT Act of 2000, a lawsuit filed under sec 66 A must be withdraw immediately”, the memorandum stated.

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