NCC questions HC Judgement because it is not feasible to allow transwomen to join the Corps

A single-judge order allowing Hana Haneefa, a transwoman and a degree student at Thiruvananthapuram University College, to join the National Cadet Corps (NCC) was challenged in the Kerala High Court. According to the NCC, the single judge refused to understand the unusual and unusual practical problems.


The court even ignored the girl cadets’ interests when they were confronted with the situation.

The curriculum and training modules of the NCC closely resemble those of gender-specific armed forces. Close-contact physical activity and sports, as well as long and short camps where cadets sleep in tents and cramped quarters, are all part of the training.

Male and female cadets have different training parameters, so transwomen in a girl cadet camp will have an unfair advantage over other girl cadets, while transmen in boys’ units will be at a disadvantage.

The student who approached the court can only be treated as a transwoman, as she falls under the transgender category, and she is not qualified for induction into the female section. The learned single judge ordered the applicant to be inducted into the female division without considering the consequences. As a result, the NCC claims that the judgement is incorrect in both law and fact.

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