Plea in SC seeks State Amendments for making road accidents as Non Bailable offence, restricting people from buying more than two vehicles.

A petition has been submitted to the SC, requiring the center and the union area to classify the traffic accident as a crime without bail in order to scare drivers and force them to drive carefully. Reduce the density of vehicles on the road by preventing a family from buying more than two vehicles.

According to information and document from the RTI Department of Roads and Roads, Portals and Applications, Shrikant Prasad claimed that there were approximately 67% accidents due to speeding and reckless driving in 2019.

“Despite our best efforts, road traffic accidents are still the leading cause of death, disability and hospitalization in the country. Of all 199 countries, India has the highest number of road deaths, accounting for nearly 11% of the country’s road deaths in the world”, it said in the appeal.

In addition, it said:

“The Government is locating the vaccine to slash deaths because of pandemic and rightly so however what approximately the vaccine to slash Lakhs of harmless deaths every year because of negligence of others. Due to the present “lenient sentencing” below sec 304 A (affords of max years imprisonment, or with fine, or with both), we’ve got visible that convicts always get even extra leniency or no prison in any respect and escape with most effective fine”.

The statement proposes to amend section 304 A of the IPC to punish reckless and negligent driving without bail and transfer responsibility to the defendant.

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