SC seeks responses of UP & Haryana in Noida resident’s plea that travel to Delhi takes 2 hours due to road blockades.

On Monday SC directed the UP and Haryana to record a reaction inside the plea filed with the aid of using a resident of Noida who alleged that her trip from Noida to Delhi changed into taking her hours in place of the standard 20 minutes because of avenue blockades because of farmers.

The forum chaired by Judge Sanjay Kishan Kaur urged the state to respond by August 23. In an earlier hearing, the court ruled that “public roads must not be blocked” and paid special attention to this aspect repeated in previous SC rulings, such as the Shaheen Bagh Case.

Judge Kaul further commented: “We are not interested in how to solve this problem, whether politically, administratively or judicially. But as I said, the streets should not overlap. She is a single mother because the road is closed, she faced many problems.

Therefore, the Secretary-General requested compliance with the regulations of Haryana and UP states and the court-approved these regulations without notifying these two states.

On March 29, 2021, the SC issued a notice to the Central Government and the Delhi Police Chief to ensure that the street area is not crowded so as not to interfere with traffic from one place to another.

Monica Agarwaal, the applicant who appeared in court in person, told the arbitration tribunal that she lives in Noida and had to move to Delhi due to marketing activities. It was argued that despite the various instructions issued by the Claro Road Maintenance court, this did not happen. Even as a single mother with health problems, a trip was a nightmare for her.

Title: Monicca Agarwaal v. Union of India & Anr.

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