SC to hear on July 22 Andhra Pradesh Govt’s appeal against HC stay on Amaravati Land Scam Probe.

On July 22, the SC will consider Andhra Pradesh appeal to lift the suspension of the Andhra Pradesh High Court’s investigation of land fraud in Amaravati.

After hearing the statements of senior lawyer Rajeev Dhavan and Harish Salve, the court chaired by Judge Vineet Saran postponed the case to July 22.

Change of Court

At yesterday’s hearing, Dhavan argued that the trial was not taking place and the Andhra Pradesh government had only requested that the matter be referred back to HC and the investigation continued.

“I have studied all judicial practices on this matter. The SC has never concluded its investigation. This petition calls for revenge for the failed election. It tells of the dictatorial, terrible government to the Gestapo. How much has it fallen? It is unacceptable”, Dhavan said.

With this in mind, the court held that if the lawyer agrees and asks salve to comment on the matter, it is inclined to consider the case. Salve told the court that the case had been ending in the SC for more than a year, which was “retaliation against the regime”.

On the other hand, Davan said that he could not ask the SC to hear the case, and he was ordered to be heard by the HC.

“Contrary to ban, you can state that no enforcement measures can be taken. This is our SLP, but a short answer to your question, if you hear it here or in oberkorut, consider all the facts, must be returned to the HC. You don’t want to be heard here. This is a long-term problem”, Dhavan said.

However, Salve refuted the same view, arguing that if Dhavan put pressure on the SLP, he should be heard. Otherwise, the SLP may be dismissed and another case will be submitted to the HC; the plaintiff cannot have both.

Dhavan also insisted that the matter be dealt with according to the Criminal Procedure set out in the code of criminal procedure: “let the investigation go, because then you will get all the facts. We have asked the CBI that the case must be under judicial supervision”.

The court has therefore adjourned the matter for a hearing on July 22nd.

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