Suggest Former SC Judges: Age of Retirement Must Increase For All, But Should Be Uniform For Judges of Supreme Court and High Court Judges.

A motivating dialogue was taken on Saturday by the panel of 4 former Supreme Court Judges- Justice B.N. Seikrishna, M.N. Venkatachaliah, R.C. Lahoti, and R.V. Raveendram- circling round two ‘anomalies in law and justice’- hold up in disposition of cases, and Technology and the parameter.

Hold up in resolving cases and increased processing. Raising the retirement age of judges, appointment of additional judges.

Justice Lahoti : he said retirement age of the high court judges should be increase from 62 to 65, he also gave some reasons – if the age of retirement increase, it supplies two purposes, first one is that an active and experienced judges in his prime who will continue to speak justice. Second one is that the “age of retirement should be uniform for High Court and Supreme Court judges because it will stop the red tapism and dignity of the Chief Justice of the high court will be restored”.

Justice Seikrishna: he said that each on the bar after which as a choice of the high court and as a choice of the supreme court, that maximum of the high court Chief Justices, whichever location they are in, they flip in the direction of the north, hoping that they will become with inside the court. Their decisions get colored through what the Supreme Court desires instead. Three extra years will assist the High Court Judges experience extra precious. He also raised a question that why the judges should retire at 62? The lifespan of a human being in India was 27 years. This is 67 years now.

At the same time judge also add that as 224A is a first-rate idea, it must be utilized in the sort of manner that in preference to calling upon the retired judges, the consent of the sitting judges, who’re top and deserving, must be taken that they’ll retain to behave as extra judges of the courtroom docket till the vacancies may be crammed up.

Justice Raveendran: added that the wealth of experience available through the extension of the retirement age should not be limited or restricted to Just Supreme Court Justices and High Court Justices, but should be able to enlarge to the assistant judiciary.

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