Supreme Court: Bail condition to compensate victims cannot be imposed.

SC located that a circumstance for free of reimbursement to suffer can’t be imposed on the degree of bail.

“We can rashly add that we are not saying that bail cannot be conditioned, but because of property crimes or other crimes, but it is necessarily a compensation that must be deposited and paid. It’s as if it was used as a condition for bailers”, said Judges Sanjay Kishan Kaur and Hemant Gupta.

In this case, the HC released the defendants on bail on the condition that they each pay the victims Rs. 2.00 lakh in damages.

The defendant argued to the SC that according to sec 357 CrPC, no compensation can be made before the trial ends, and no judgment can be made without a full trial, and therefore no compensation can be made.

At the same time, the court cancelled the requirement to deposit rupees.

“in view of the foregoing, we believe that it is appropriate to impose the same bail conditions on the appellants and postpone bail condition(f) of the bail requiring the appellants to deposite Rs. 2.00 lakh every in the direction of reimbursement to the sufferers earlier than the trial courtroom docket and the consequential orders for disbursement. This situation that the appellants will now o longer input the geographical limits of Amreli for a length of six (6) months besides for [9] marking presence earlier than the involved police station and to wait the courtroom docket proceedings”, the bench stated even as partially permitting the appeal.

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