Supreme Court refers to Britney Spears case in US while hearing Habeas plea for release of 21-year old woman

On Monday the supreme court of India filed the Britney Spear case in the United States. The pop singer is in a lawsuit to terminate custody of her father. The court chaired by the Chief Justice of India NV Ramana mentioned this at random when hearing the habeas corpus petition, which requested the release of a 21-year old woman whose parents were allegedly illegally detained

The habeas corpus was filed by a 42-year-old man who claimed to be a “spiritual mentor”, stating that the 21-year-old woman was his student and that woman wanted to live with him for a period of time “spiritually”. Her parents opposed her wishes. The Kerala high court rejected her application, questioning the woman’s decision-making ability. The High Court also expressed doubts about the applicant’s biographies after the initial investigation by the police.

However, the Supreme Court tribunal expressed reluctance to comply with the petition and highlighted the petitioner’s “suspicious references”.

CJI Ramana said, “We cannot interfere, the girl is in a weak state of mind. She is 21 years old. She does not know what she’s doing. The petitioner’s mother also says she does not trust her son. He is also involved in a POSCO case. How can we give this girl to this man?

In response to this, Shankaranayanan alleged that the petitioner did not attempt to allow the woman to meet with him, but only to free her from her parent’s “illegal detention”. “it’s about the girl’s freedom- chief attorney.

At this point, CJI referred to the Britney Spears case in the US. “One thing we would like to share. A week ago we encountered a case from the USA in an identical situation,” said the CJI.

CJI further said, “In United Stated, they can’t get treatment unless an adult gives their consent. Now the whole family is on the street because a mentally uneven person can’t consent”. “Neither parent will say that a 21-year-old has a mental health problem. In India, people will cover up mental health problems, added the CJI,

The other judges in the court, Judge Hrishikesh Roy and AS Bopanna, also agreed with the views of the CJI.

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