The oxygen supply must be treated as if it were an ambulance: Delhi HC to Center

During the hearing of several petitions about the lack of oxygen in Delhi hospitals, the Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta said that the oxygen supplier vehicle should be treated like an ambulance.

Mehta also instructed INOX (Oxygen Vendor Company) to notify the government about any disruptions in oxygen supply so that a criminal complaint could be filed right away.

He also mentioned that there is an MHA order that the supply be done under security so that it can arrive at its destination smoothly. “Oxygen supply must be treated as an ambulance.”

The appeals about the lack of oxygen supply in various Delhi hospitals were heard by a bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Rakha Palli.

Meanwhile, Sidharth Jain, the Managing Director of INOX Oxygen, told the Court that the Delhi government had requested 125 MT of oxygen and the Center had requested 85 MT, but that neither had been delivered “Nearly 200 MT have been delivered to hospitals. 45 hospitals have dispatched SOS messages to us. We’re not sure who to listen to.”

Senior lawyer Rahul Mehra, who is representing the Delhi government, said that no rational individual can act against citizens who are the city’s lifeblood. “All we want to know is how much and when you provide it to whom. The argument that the State Government has awoken in the last two days is false.”

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