Two – Child Norm: UP draft population control bill proposes bar on contesting elections, availing govt. Subsidy in case of violation.

The UP state law commission has drafted the UP 2021 population control, stabilization and welfare bill and has solicited proposals from the public.

Proposals for the draft law should be emailed to , July 19, 2021 at the latest.

The bill genuinely said that the State Law Commission, U.P. is currently committed to the control, stability and welfare of the people of the state, has prepared a bill for this.

The purpose of the bill is to step up efforts and ensures that measures are taken to control, stabilize and protect by implementing and promoting the second-child rule and related issues.

Anyone who has given birth to two or more children in violation of the second-child regulations after the implementation of this law is not allowed to participate in the following activities:

  • Election competition for local government or local government agencies.
  • Apply to the state government for public service positions.
  • Not eligible for public service promotion.
  • Not eligible for government subsidies
  • Food card limit up to 4 units
  • Except for welfare of government-sponsored social security programs.

Countries that voluntarily castrate the second child for themselves or their spouses rely on civil servants to receive the following benefits:

  • Two additional lifetime promotion;
  • According to the regulations, the housing authority purchases land, solar energy or building subsidies.
  • According to regulations electricity, water, resident tax and other utilities; (also publicly available).
  • Maternity leave or (if applicable) 12 months of paternity leave with full pay and benefits; (also open to the public)
  • Free medical facilities and spouse insurance;

Other differences in act:

  • A couple who lives below the poverty line has only one child voluntarily sterilizes themselves or their spouse is eligible to receive a subsidy of 80,000 rupees from the government if the single child is a boy, single child is girl one lakh rupees will be given.
  • The government must offer compulsory courses related to population control in all secondary schools.
  • The government is responsible for ensuring that all medical centers in the state have access to contraceptives at reasonable prices.
  • After the law comes into effect, the state government will make all qualified allopathic surgeons who sterilize men or women, as well as other staff and affected hospitals, join the government’s collective insurance as soon as possible. Covers claims for damages for couples whose conceived person or the wife to becomes pregnant after the operation.

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